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Hello, I’m Margaret Peppe. I am an Angel Intuitive, Light Worker and Spiritual Healer. I would like to walk with you, guide you, and help you to find that spiritual peace that is within you.  Together we will work to find the light so you can continue to follow it on your own.

I was always a timid child.  I got picked on a lot by neighborhood children.  This kept me somewhat alone and afraid. In an attempt to be accepted, I was a caregiver to anyone who needed it although this drained me physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I survived two failed marriages, raised a child on my own and dealt with loss in many forms but I never lost hope.  


I always knew there was something different about me.  I felt drawn by a power that could not be seen.  When I would try to talk about all that I knew to be true, I was dismissed. I was told it was my imagination.  Because of this I retreated inwardly more and more.  Until one day, later on in life, I began looking for answers.   I read books, went to seminars and retreats, and was determined to learn all I could about this unseen power.

Through this investigating, I felt my life would change and that I could help others.  The spark I had as a child was rekindled.  I was afraid, but I did not let my fear stop me.  My reawakening took place while on retreat at Angel Valley in Sedona.  This was a very profound time for me and showed me what I needed to do.  I was guided to bring messages to others from Mother Mary, a calling I am honored to fulfill.  At first, I was hesitant. By her divine spirit, however, I was quickly shown that this is my true path.

I incorporate communication with Mother Mary, the Angels and Archangels, loved ones and entities with several other powerful gifts, such as Past Life Regression and Reiki, to reach out and lovingly help those who wish to begin their search for peace and love in a non-judgmental environment. I find it an honor to help others as I have been helped.  



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